Community Documents

HOAs are governed by several documents and laws. These laws and documents are applied in a hierarchy or order of application. In the event of a conflict in the documents or laws, the one above it in the hierarchy overrules the lower one. Here are the laws and documents and a link to the law or document.


  • Federal applicable laws, eg. FCC ruling on satellite dishes


  • Arizona Non-Profit Corporation Law - Chapter 19





  • Declaration (CC&Rs) - Rules developed by the builder when planning the community.



  • Articles of Incorporation - This is the document filed with Arizona Corporation Commission to form the non-profit corporation of the Association.



  • Bylaws - Rules regarding the Board of Directors and meeting of the Association.




  • Architectural Design Guidelines - More detail regarding design constraints of homeowner's lots.



  • Towne Meadows Rules & Regulations - More detail regarding rules and regulations in the HOA



  • Annual Budget - Please call or email RCP to receive copy of budget



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